Claim Information

If you would like to make a claim (all policies except Equine), please call the office at 877-776-8398.

Important notice for all Equine policies:

All accidents, sicknesses, injuries and/or deaths must be provided to:

Markel Insurance Company
4600 Cox Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060-9817
PO Box 3870, Glen Allen, VA 23058-3870

Contact by Phone:
Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm EST
After 5:00 pm EST, weekends and holidays

  1. Report loss immediately
  2. Make arrangements for an autopsy
  3. Call Police Authority in case of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement
  4. Contact Markel for permission prior to any surgical procedures
  1. Have animal put down without consent of Company
  2. Have animal removed prior to performance of autopsy
  3. Neglect a police report, if needed
  4. Perform any surgical procedure without contacting the Company
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